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At EDC, we teach your new language very similar to the way you learned your first language. Eliminate translation process, native and qualified teachers.

We have unique teaching approach for teaching Cantonese.

Below is the demonstration video shows the uniqueness and effectiveness of our lessons. Furthermore, we also have online materials support our LIVE instruction.

Cantonese Video:


After viewing the above video, YOU WILL NOTICE:

  • We do not concentrate on Cantonese PinYin 6 or 9 tones system, whereas we adopt “Total Conversational Approach” which is based on conversation, just like what you learned your native language. Only concentrating practicing conversations in class.
  • From our course materials, we use ONLY 3 tones, please find the sample portion of our material as below:

Cantonese 3 tonese


  • We also use English romanization but not the symbols which are not familiar to you for immediate understanding.


IF (e.g. I am a doctor):

“I = ngo” is a mid-tone, “hai” is lower a little bit and with “Yi” “Sang” HIGH tones.

The sentence will be:


For self-study users, please enjoy our online material provided on this website and if you feel you need further study of Cantonese, please also contact us .



  • Pronunciation system: First, you are required to study 30-50 hours or more about Cantonese pronunciation symbols with 6 or 9 tones systems.
  • Teachers: Most of the Cantonese teachers are part-time or freelance basis, all individual teachers have their own teaching approaches or pronunciation systems, Yale, Jyutping, Sidney Lau or others. Most of the teachers will serve more than one language centres.


EDC Languages Centre:

  1. Simplified 3-tones system.
  2. We have  a team of teachers who received EDC unique teaching method to teach and therefore they will teach similarly.
  3. Most of our Cantonese teachers are either full-time or EDC contracted.
  4. We are the largest Cantonese Language Centre in Cantonese with the number of classrooms and teachers per time.
  5. The first Cantonese Languages centre with a combination of LIVE instruction supported by online material.


EDC Unique Teaching Approach:

  1. 50:50: Student speaks 50% of the time whilst teacher speaks 50% of the time in the target languages.
  2. Must be native teachers.
  3. EDC provides training to all teachers and therefore all teachers will teach similarly.
  4. Specialized materials according to our teaching approach.
  5. We teach just like what you learned your first language.
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