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Added: March 6, 2014

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The following materials are supported by which is under EDC Languages Centre for online materials.


Mandarin Online Programs:


We have 3 online programs for Mandarin Learners. They are good for:

  1. Casual Learners
  2. Serious Learners
  3. Long-term and short-term commitments Learners
  4. Busy Learners
  5. Learners with different degree of flexibility


1. Mandarin Online programs: 


  • Crash Course
  • Simple sentences for daily conversation
  • Easy to learn
  • Good for self-study and for people just want to use Mandarin with simple phrases


2. Mandarin Foundation:


  • All basic knowledge of Mandarin in details, PinYin (Pronunciation), Grammar and Sentence Structure.
  • Simple and complicated sentences for daily conversation, simple to difficult
  • Good for serious learners to start with this program before learning further programs
  • Live instruction with EDC, 1-to-1 private lessons will be about 4-6 hours to finish, compare to traditional teaching approach for 20 hours. Self-study at your own pace, difficult to estimate.


3. Mandarin Express:


Material for EDC Group lessons, Course information:


Live instruction (Group), 2 hours per topic with completion of exercises. Self-study at your own pace.

More complicated grammar and sentence structures compare to “Mandarin Online Program” as above.

Learners should take the [Mandarin Foundation] course as above before taking this program for effectiveness or as a natural flow of learning

For serious learners to learn Mandarin but not interested in private lessons with the best effectiveness.


For Online Materials, please visit for further information

meetup121 and are the subsidaries of EDC Languages Centre

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EDC Languages Centre ( is second to none language centre in Hong Kong, providing the widest range of language learning solutions to students.

  1. Private lessons
  2. Group
  3. Online Learning
  4. Social Club
  5. Language Exchange

EDC is specialized in private and small group training and because of our dedication to language training and high teaching quality, we have been able to procure from many large corporations who use our services, such as Procter and Gamble China (P&G), HSBC, Jardine Matheson Holding Ltd., SOCIETE GENERALE, China Resources Enterprise, Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Limited and many other multi-national corporations in Hong Kong.

iedc logo is an online learning solutions for students to learn Mandarin and Cantonese.


More Information

We have unique teaching approach for teaching Cantonese.

Below is the demonstration video shows the uniqueness and effectiveness of our lessons. Furthermore, we also have online materials support our LIVE instruction.

EDC Cantonese Teaching Demo

After viewing the above video, YOU WILL NOTICE:

  • We do not concentrate on Cantonese PinYin 6 or 9 tones system, whereas we adopt “Total Conversational Approach” which is based on conversation, just like what you learned your native language. Only concentrating practicing conversations in class.
  • From our course materials, we use ONLY 3 tones, please find the sample portion of our material as below:


3 tones

More Information


EDC Internet Mandarin Checking System is a Mandarin test for adult non-native speakers of Chinese. The test is delivered via online and is scored automatically. During the test, the system presents a series of PinYin, Listening and Grammar in Mandarin. This test provides numeric scores and performance levels that describe the test taker’s ability to understand spoken Mandarin on everyday topics.

Below Basic Level:

Short (less than 5 mins):


Whole (10 minutes):


Basic Level (Check how much you understand Mandarin) (180 seconds). This level check is also good for students who are not familiar with reading and writing Chinese, little knowledge of Pinyin and Grammar:


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