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Added: March 6, 2014

Most flexible groups in Hong Kong
6 sessions (max)can be missed without penalty

*60 hours (whole program), 2 hours per session per topic
*Total 550 of the most frequently used words in daily life
*7 to 8 sentences per topic
*25 new words and expressions per topics

Course summary:

Evening (7-9pm):                   Monday and Thursday (once or twice a week).

Morning (10am-12noon):   Tuesday and Thursday.

2:30-4:30pm:                          Saturday

Package:                                 30, 40 or 60 hours from HK$88-HK$98 per hour.

Absolute beginners:      are required to take 4 hours foundation course (private lessons) at HK$250 per hour; TOTAL = HK$1,000.

Starting date:                         Immediate available.


EDC uses a communicative approach and places emphasis on learning communication skills.

188 key sentences make up the main structure of the course, around which situational dialogues are introduced, covering the most useful situations in real life.

Language Points are explained in simple English and set out in a logical step by step order that is easy to understand. This is designed to give students the opportunity to gain confidence in using the most common vocabulary and grammar relevant to everyday situations.

For example:
Greeting and Farewell, Names and Titles, Interests and Abilities, Invitations and Appointments, Shops and Shopping, Travel and Transport etc.

Tuition Fees:

30 hours HK$2,940
Number of times : 15 sessions
Once a week : 15 weeks
Twice a week : 7.5 weeks
Actual Rate Per Hour : HK$98
For absolute Beginner: Foundation session 4 hours @HK$250/hr

Total = 30 hours + 4 hours Private Lessons HK$2,940 + HK$1,000. = HK$3,940

40 hours HK$3,680
Number of times : 20 sessions
Once a week : 20 weeks
Twice a week : 10 weeks
Actual Rate Per Hour : HK$92

For absolute Beginner Foundation session 4 hours @HK$250/hr

Total = 40 hours + 4 hours Private Lessons HK$3,680 + HK$1,000. = HK$4,680

60 hours HK$5,280

Number of times : 30 sessions

Once a week : 30 weeks
Twice a week : 15 weeks
Actual Rate Per Hour : HK$88

For absolute Beginner Foundation session 4 hours @HK$250/hr

Total = 60 hours + 4 hours Private Lessons HK$5,280 + HK$1,000. = HK$6,280

We also have more flexible groups for students who can attend classes anytime with our existing group schedules.

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